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Auto Dealers Struggle to Hang on

Ware for one, says he hopes the Obama administration focuses more of its energies on aiding the struggling dealerships. “I think while the administration has focused on the manufacturing side, I don’t think it’s given as much light to the entrepreneur side of this business, the dealer network,” he says. “These are people that created a lot of jobs, are vital in their respective communities and they have been part of what is the true economic engine of any country and that’s small business.”

Ware is keeping optimistic however. He says the industry will turn around and will have a smaller, stronger dealer network. “From a faith perspective, I try not to make things I can’t control worry me. I’ve devoted a life to this business but it’s not my life,” he says. “Yes, I’m nervous about the future of GM and Southaven Pontiac, but it’s hard to focus on being angry when I still have a business and a community.”