Autopsy Reveals Keyshia Cole’s Mother Frankie Lons Cause of Death

Autopsy Reveals Keyshia Cole’s Mother Frankie Lons Cause of Death

Keyshia Coles an d Frankie Lons
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An autopsy has revealed that Keyshia Cole’s mother, Frankie Lyons, died of multiple drug intoxication, TMZ reported.  The 61-year-old passed away in July while celebrating her birthday. It was reported that she died at her Oakland home in California.

Keyshia Cole shared a slideshow of images on Instagram to pay tribute to her mom.

“This is so hard man,” Cole wrote. “Can’t really even find the words. SMH. I honestly don’t even know how to feel. You can never prepare for something like this… Ever!!!”

She adds, “I created this post to show my love and appreciation for your life and I would like to thank my fans + supporters, shoot your supporters and fans, for being here with us during these hard times.  The love for all your children was definitely felt.”

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According to TMZ, the drug overdose was accidental. The Alameda County Coroner’s Office provided TMZ with details following the autopsy.

Many fans became acquainted with Frankie during her appearances on Keyshia Cole’s BET reality series Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is. She also was featured in a spinoff show called “Frankie and Neffe.” She was an instant star, connecting fans all over the world. But there were pieces of her life that she tried to overcome. Frankie battled with addiction, leading to many emotional moments on the show.  Last year, Frankie checked herself into a rehab facility and Cole was pleased that her mother was taking action.

“Happy YOU DECIDED ON YOUR OWN, to check YOURSELF INTO a facility to get treatment,” Cole wrote. “It’s only been two weeks but, I’m trying to be hopeful and optimistic. Maybe that’s what’ll make THIS TIME different. This being what YOU WANTED AND NO ONE ELSE. Maybe this is the YEAR IN ALL ASPECTS !!!!! GREATNESS.”