BE Empowerment Zone: Food, Modern Man, and Leading Ladies
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BE Empowerment Zone: Food, Modern Man, and Leading Ladies

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To open the session, Tai Beauchamp redefined what success means to her stating, “success is a misnomer—I believe in ongoing improvement and process.” “I dont want a license to pretend. everything I own I want to own with the title,” says the spirited Jewel Tankard of multi-millionairess when speaking on her journey to millions and success. Sidra Smith shared that her journey to producing and being a boss primarily involved discipline, hard work, and consistency.

The esteemed Beverly Johnson shared her long and lucrative journey to success and attributed that her journey involved “doing something I thought I couldn’t do—building something for yourself that no one can fire you from is very empowering,” shared Johnson. “Keep in mind that failures are what happens on your way to success,” she continued.

In discussing fear, the ladies agreed that there are some great components to fear and that doing something you’re afraid of allows you to overcome and impress yourself. “However, don’t be afraid of not knowing,” shared Tai Beauchamp, “know your strengths and more importantly, know what you don’t know and surround yourself with people who do know.”

Of course on the road to success, there will be challenges. The ladies shared insight on what they do when faced with various challenges as they strive to grow personally and professionally. “When facing challenges I generally poll and get opinions from different perspectives. Along with perspective, I rely on my spirituality to guide me when challenged,” states Beverly Johnson. Jewel Tankard offered “I had to develop an emotional toughness without becoming bitter…you have to get tough enough not to run from challenges, but to work through them.”

The ladies wrapped up the session with advice for those looking to break out as entrepreneurs:

1. Do your research

2. Do your due diligence

3. Have a solid business plan.

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The Black Enterprise Empowerment Zone at AAF closed out with financial knowledge, fun, and excitement with This is Financial Jeopardy! Test Your Financial IQ with host Sirita Wright, Social Media Manager, Black Enterprise. With categories such as Make Yourself at Home, Watch Out! It’s a Scam, Romance and Finance, Where to Put Your Money, Black Enterprise Cover Subjects, and Credit Where Credit is Due contestants tested their knowledge and learned that they ultimately knew less than they thought it terms of trends and personal finance. This, of course, was great for the audience who quickly jumped in to answer questions when contestants failed to do so.

The competition concluded with contestants and audience members knowing more a little about financial terminology and practices as a result of this fun rendition of jeopardy.

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Here’s some of the fun and festivities from this year’s event at the Camden Yards Sports and Entertainment Complex in Baltimore: Black Enterprise on Instagram and #BEmoreAAF.