BE Modern Man: Celebrating Leaders of Color --- Their Words, Their Way

BE Modern Man: Check Out This Week’s Ambassador Dr. Kareem J. Merrick

This week's ambassador, Dr. Kareem J. Merrick (Image: Lonnie C. Major)

Freddie Gray. Trayvon Martin. Eric Garner.

These are the names of slain black men whose deaths have sparked dialogue, outrage, activism, violence and awakening.

In a world where black men aren’t often celebrated, new cases of black men being killed continue to grow, and the statistics for success seem to be stacked against them, there is hope, excellence, leadership and unmatched intellectual tenacity. Some of these statistics have been long-carried myths—debunked by further analysis and research— including the notion that there are more black men in prison than in college or that black fathers don’t take care of their children.

True, there are challenges, but there are also success stories, and is highlighting these with BE Modern Man, an integrative 10-week program that honors the essence, image and works of today’s man of color.

With 100 features on today’s entrepreneurs, change makers, executives, leaders, creatives, students, politicians and professionals of diverse walks, ages and career stages, the platform showcases men who share the common thread of creating a new normal while setting the bar in tech, fashion, philanthropy, art, business and beyond.

The goal of this curated collective is to globally shift the standard  narrative regarding men of color and project the positive perception that is a common reality to those within the BE community and throughout the world.

This week’s ambassador is Dr. Kareem J. Merrick, a 33-year-old director of the dental department at Harlem United in New York City. Check out what motivated him to get into dentistry and follow his passion for serving is community, here.

“Our Perspective” includes personal insights and commentary from male leaders of color, and the special site will also include relevant news and refreshing lifestyle content— providing a Web portal for honest, positive and extraordinary narratives.

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