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BE Modern Man: Meet App Developer Michael DeVore

Bold and innovative, DeVore took a chance on himself. Taking risks has allowed him to grow, challenge himself, and find success. Whether you are in college or have taken a non-traditional route, Devore believes that education is extremely important. Faced with the challenge of balancing academics and entrepreneurship, DeVore had to find a way to successfully build his app and make the grade. “I would spend so much time working on improving my ideas, which I enjoyed, and not pay much attention to my schoolwork. I liked to learn information about entrepreneurship that I could apply to my app business, but I knew that the next day I would have to catch back up with all of my school work. This year I graduated from Claflin University with a 3.9 GPA and my start-up business steadily growing.”

At 22 years of age, and CEO of his mobile app business, DeVore believes that he is helping to change the narrative of young black men. “I constantly push myself to go after difficult opportunities in order to prove to black youth that a black man can do it. There have been so many instances where the odds of me succeeding were slim, but I overcame them through hard work and dedication. People often say that I am an exception among black men my age, but I believe that black men like me are the norm. I hope to pave the way and continue to break these stereotypes.”

“BE Modern Man signifies that I am on the right track to being a successful black entrepreneur. It is a great platform for me to share my story and connect with other black professionals. There are so many people who have invested in my success. Thank you to the United Athletes Foundation, Microsoft, Claflin University, the Institute for Responsible Citizenship, BE Modern Man, and Ozy. I am truly grateful.”

The team congratulates Michael DeVore on his 2015 international Ozy Genius Award, and the success of his Live Chair Barbershop App. We are grateful for young men like you who embody the idea that anything is possible.

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