BE Modern Man: Meet Nonprofit Executive Robert Malone

BE Modern Man: Meet Nonprofit Executive Robert Malone

BE Modern Man - Robert Malone
BE Modern Man - Robert Malone
Photo Credit: Jacques S. Dupre

Name: Robert Malone

Profession: Nonprofit Executive

Age: 44

One Word That Describes You: Compassionate

Mentoring to Manhood (M2M) Executive Robert Malone is dedicated to the young men in his community. Founded in April of 2005 M2M targets young men ages 12-18 with a focus on developing an understanding of social responsibility and establishing a place as an effective leader in their immediate communities. Starting with a group academically, professionally and socially accomplished mentors, M2M has grown a successful program to develop male youths into “men of excellence”. M2M seeks to nurture and improve its community’s youth through social influences, academic support, spiritual development, camaraderie and scholarship. M2M consistently runs group activities and workshops designed to build positive life skills and achieve high levels of academic success; facilitating positive thinking and actions; creating compassionate, caring, and community minded young men by actively exposing them to diverse learning opportunities and community service environments.

Often times people have a passion beyond their profession, and this was the case with Malone. Seeing others suffer and be left out,  Malone decided to do something about it. “I was in banking when I first got the bug for nonprofit and community-based work,” Malone tells BE Modern Man. “I worked with some friends of mine to launch a nonprofit to lift the performance and broaden the opportunities for young people – especially Black boys.”

Mentoring to Manhood is a tremendous community asset with a stellar reputation that is moving young men from passion, rage and anger to finding a way to make a real difference. “I’m overwhelmed by the changes we have the opportunity to help make in the lives of boys,” says Malone. A couple of years ago, Mentoring to Manhood was recognized as one of the best small nonprofits in the Washington DC region by the Catalogue for Philanthropy. “Each year, we’re moving more than 140 boys towards excellence in their academic pursuits and character.”

Through sincerity, passion, and commitment Malone is setting the standard for philanthropic efforts in his community. “Add value wherever you are and find ways to make others successful,” Malone tells BE Modern Man. “People cannot ignore value add.”

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