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Black Enterprise Magazine Summer 2019 Issue

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Every Sunday, Jones was praised in the media for his athletic prowess and accomplishments on the football field. A part of this media driven world that many times champions African-American men on game days, Jones never became jaded by the big stage and flashing lights. “Unfortunately, this is how mainstream America views us, and this is why African-American men (especially) have an obligation to come together to create platforms that portray ourselves how we want to be seen.”

More than an athlete, Jones is helping to change the narrative and generate a new conversation in our communities. “I am an African-American man that thrives off of learning new things,” says Jones. “Every aspect of who I am changes the conversation from the conventional to the extraordinary, and I want everyone to know that we are multidimensional and talented people.”

With few outlets telling our stories Jones says “without this type of exposure, young African-American men have no voice. A BE Modern Man means being a positive, hard working man that wants to leave a legacy that will empower the next generation.”

The BE Modern Man team commends Thomas Q. Jones for giving former professional athletes an example that there is life after sports. Beyond athletics, Jones is rewriting the narrative and changing the conversation around the stereotypes placed on athletes and Black men. We look forward to seeing you  on the big screen!

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