BE Modern Man: Meet “The Analyst” Patrick Neree

Name: Patrick Neree
Profession: Creative Director
Age: 29
One Word That Describes You: Analytic

Freedom is seldom given freely, it is taken by those hungry enough to go after it. Such can be said for multitalented creative , Patrick Neree, a man who evokes emotion through sheer will and effort. The Queens, New York, native moved to Brooklyn to fulfill his destiny as an energetic visionary who redefines just what it means to capture life behind a lens. As the creative director at, Neree has helped to establish the site as the preeminent place for celebrity gossip and entertainment news. On his off days, you can find the almost-30-year-old channeling his infamous intensity into his camera as a photographer and visual artist.

“I like the freedom behind creating your own stories,” Neree told BE Modern Man exclusively when discussing his inspirations. “Stories that evoke emotion are ideal. [In the beginning] my biggest obstacle was creating a definite niche that people would gravitate to, but surprisingly, I found that it didn’t exist. I had to create that niche for myself.” Armed with a “refreshing style with an editorial feel,” Neree cites Hype Williams, Will Smith, and Derek Blanks as his influences. “How you can draw your audience in—it’s not about Photoshop,” he says, “it’s all about seeing the photo, before you shoot it.”

Aware that there are a lack of positive black role models for our youth, Neree breaks through the static by remaining accessible. “I think by displaying a positive message and producing consistent work, it shows those interested that anything is possible,” he says. Having grown into a man with something more than just connections and social media likes to offer, he has emboldened his followers and mentees to not only take the leap, but to enjoy the risk, and showcase the rewards. Never afraid of the pressure of taking the big shot, Neree offers a bit of advice to the timid looking to learn life hacks when it comes to collaborating in groups.

“A key tip is listening,” he shares. “Realizing that not everyone thinks like you allows one to appreciate the difference in thoughts and ideas. This is the first step to embarking on a great collaboration.” Citing Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People as a “good read” is something that our readers can also take away to use when building in a group setting. “Learning your craft is super important [because] everyone wants your job, and there’s usually someone ready to take your place.” The former community college student believes that education is key to gaining success, but for those taking the nontraditional route he says, “You have to be diligent in your practice. It’s studious, laborious, and hard—but you must do it. There’s no way around it. I believe one has to make sacrifices in order to achieve one’s worthwhile goals, but I also know it won’t mean anything if I’m by myself at the end of said road,” Neree says. “By making time for family and close friends, I am attempting to conquer the challenging moments of managing my time, balancing my work life, and making room for an active social life.”

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