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BE Modern Man: Meet “The Analyst” Patrick Neree

BE Modern Man - Patrick Neree
Photo: Patrick Neree

When asked about limiting stereotypes in mainstream media pertaining to men of color, Patrick responds  “Music and sports are both such a global medium that people don’t realize there are black men who are making a huge impact in other communities that don’t need to dunk or make words rhyme,” Neree says. “The Internet gives us a chance to make a bigger impact on people outside of the standard community of an entertainer, which is why I am excited about how much room there is to grow.”

Ever the consistent documentarian of life, love, and truth, Neree believes that passion is the spice that flavors all things. “Moving forward with my career, I plan on writing and producing my first short film. I also will continue to mentor fellow creatives within my field.” A man with conviction, Neree also harnesses that inspiration to ensure that his brand will live on to “be passed on to my kids.” Hinging his reputation and creed to “hard work” and “no handouts,” his message to all those reading this is, “Anything is possible.”

For him, being named to the inaugural class of BE Modern Man is a distinction, and he is not shy in describing what the moment means to him. “To be a BE Modern Man, to me, means being a person who is fearless,” Neree says. “It means to be someone who doesn’t see boundaries or is limited by a box.” He understands that the only thing that matters is results and helping his fellow brother is the same as helping himself. “In my opinion, I hope that being a BE Modern Man evolves into a lifestyle full of positive energy, that plants beautiful seeds into the minds and hearts of our troubled youth.”

Patrick Neree, a man who is diligent and fiery about creative works, earned his reputation through effort and imagination. Between the long hours, haggling for more opportunities, helping to craft a popular site, and reaffirming others through mentorship, Neree is proof positive that our everyday normal is extraordinary.

We at Black Enterprise salute you, Patrick Neree, for contributing positive images of  men of color to the masses. Your mission of providing excellence in execution  and chronicling black beauty frames us in an enthusiastic light, and is meant to be celebrated and appreciated.

Photo: Patrick Neree

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