BE Modern Man: Meet "The Brand Builder" Brian Lee

BE Modern Man: Meet “The Brand Builder” Brian Lee

Photo Credit: Gbenga Obafemi

Name: Brian Lee

Profession: Professional Athlete & Artist Accountability Partner

Age: 29

One Word That Describes You: Transformed

A former Advertising Account Executive Brian Lee has helped develop and craft numerous integrated global campaigns for notable brands including: Nike, Old Spice (P&G), Levis, NBA 2K, Li-Ning (Brand WADE), CHAMPS Sports and Time Warner Cable. After receiving his Bachelors of Science in Marketing from Elmhurst College in 2007, Brian returned home to Chicago and begin his career in Sports Advertising. This was also the start of his involvement in the community on the south side of Chicago. Playing point guard throughout his college career not only helped Brian develop his leadership skills, but started to shape a fiery passion to mentor in the field of sports. Recognizing the impact sports has on a community his vision shifted to the image and development of many of todayʼs athletes — collegiate and professional alike.

In June 2014, he took a leap of faith to quit his job in order to embark on that vision, and has now started his own consulting firm equipping professional athletes and artists, with foundational tools to develop their character, in order to maximize their brand and success in life and respective fields. Brian’s leap has lead him to the opportunities to consult from a sports perspective with some of today’s leading brands including: Cleveland Cavaliers, Hennessy USA, Marcus Graham Project, and Fear Of God.

Purpose is why Lee entered the world of sports and entertainment. “At the intersection of these two worlds is where my calling exist,” Lee tells BE Modern Man. “These are the areas I am called to serve in.” Surviving the process of stepping into his calling, Lee continues to believe and put forth the work required to reach his goals. “Doors may continue to shut, and people around you will continue to question your journey but you have to endure even when your timing doesn’t match up with Godʼs timing.”

Able to gain a vast amount of experience in the corporate landscape of sports and entertainment, Lee is focused on providing a purer form of leadership in a culture that tends to appoints leaders instead of allowing leadership to emerge. “Initially when collaborating in a large group I’m concentrating on the bigger goal and how I can best utilize the tool set I’ve been given,” says Lee. In my group experience the best results come when everybody is working toward the common goal with the focus of “self” consistently taking a back seat.”

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