BE Modern Man: Meet “The Content Creator” Benoni Tagoe

Name: Benoni Tagoe
Profession: Producer
Age: 27
One Word That Describes You: Resourceful

An entertainment industry insider, who previously did taxes and worked in real estate, Benoni Tagoe turned his work effort and resiliency into success and now lives to help others develop financial literacy through his site, The Bizz Plan. “I have a lot of friends who know how to get money, but they don’t know how to keep it,” Tagoe told NewsOne late last year. “A lot of people who grew up like me, they fell into the same cycle as their parents. I wanted to create something that urban millennials could learn from.”

And learn we did.

As the social media revolution kicks up a notch, African American men and women realize their power. From boycotting Black Friday to forcing brands to create products that cater to our audience, corporate America is seeing just how powerful a nation with $1 trillion dollars to spend can be and Tagoe is the man looking to empower these millennials for the future. “Sometimes the way financial literacy is framed makes it hard for us to engage the information,” Tagoe said in his NewsOne chat. “No one wants to pay attention to that because they don’t know the culture.”

So, Tagoe developed a strategy which took people such as Vine star King Bach and REVOLT editorial director Julian Mitchell, from the black space and aimed them directly to the black audience. As they regale the audience with tales of financial liberty, stress, strife, and education, Tagoe has raked in thousands of views and plenty of applause for helping to hip the millennial spender to alternate ways of using their currency power. The 27-year-old industry producer has always had a knack for placing himself into the mix at the right time. From assisting the Jonas Brothers to being the content creator for Issa Rae of Awkward Black Girl fame, Tagoe has worn many hats while building a blueprint for success.

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