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BE Modern Man: Meet “The Producer Extraordinaire” Jesse Collins

BE Modern Man - Jessie Collins 2

BE Modern Man - Jessie Collins

Recognized within the industry, and receiving numerous awards, Collins greatest personal achievement is his strong family, and professionally continuing to be able to create meaningful content.

In a highly competitive landscape Collins is able to separate himself and emerge as a leader by consistently delivering high quality work. “It’s all about building relationships, and you have to be known as someone who delivers on your promises,” Collins tells BE Modern Man.

Transitioning from radio to screenwriting was one of Collins most challenging moments. “I was unemployed and didn’t really know what I wanted to do other than “make it”,” says Collins. Chasing every opportunity that came his way eventually got him noticed. “Faizon Love convinced Robert Townsend to give me a shot as a writer on the TV show The Parent Hood and that was my big break.”

Armed with ambition, passion and the belief that you must get out and earn your success, Collins hopes to inspire young people to strive to be the best at whatever they choose to be in life.

Inspiring young people and the masses is exactly what Collins has set out to do. “Being a BE Modern Man means the work that we are doing at Jesse Collins Entertainment is being recognized to have a certain quality,” says Collins. “It says we are creating moments that are impacting the culture in a positive way and that is always our goal. We always want to show excellence in an entertaining way.”

The team congratulates Jesse Collins for building a multicultural company with people from all  walks of life who work together to create great content that often highlights African American achievement. Stay up to date with Collins and his television programming on Instagram, Facebook, and the web.

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