BE Modern Man: Meet Sports Exec Rob London

BE Modern Man: Meet Sports Exec Rob London

BE Modern Man - Rob London

Name: Rob London

Profession: Sports Executive, Public Speaker & Entrepreneur

Age: 41

One Word That Describes Me: Masterful

Former financial analyst of a Wall Street firm; Sports Adviser to prominent NFL players such as Matt Forte, running back for the Chicago Bears, and retired running back Maurice Jones-Drew; 2015 Former Official Candidate: NFL Players Association Executive Director—these are just a few of the powerful roles held by Rob London in his 12+ year career—and from the look of things, he’s just getting started and is paving the way for future generations of men to do the same.

From the streets of Elizabeth, New Jersey, to the boardroom, London proves you can escape the mediocrity mindset by taking full responsibility for your career and pushing past your comfort zone. After playing running back for Delaware State University and graduating with a degree in Business Administration, he transitioned from analyzing cash flow and industry trends for various companies to negotiating seven-figure contracts for several high-profile NFL players. With a unique mix of sincerity, confidence, and high business IQ, he’s guided the careers of individuals in the sports arena and beyond in a way that is both admirable and impactful.

When it comes to reaching his full potential, London isn’t concerned about how mainstream media often paints people of color inside a box. “I’m not worried about how the media portrays any race. And my hope is that anyone who is reading this can find themselves thinking the same way. If I want to run for president of the United States, when the time comes I will put my all into that. My point is, whatever you put your mind to, it can be accomplished through hard work, perseverance, and surrounding yourself with like-minded people. I truly feel that I am the master of my universe, and if my work ethic decides my fate then I will be just fine,” he says.

On finding success, London is a proponent of higher education. “But take note, in this competitive work environment we need much more than letters behind our name to be deemed successful. We need to be able to deliver substantive viewpoints that are eloquently delivered with salient or concise thoughts.  I would never be opposed to someone obtaining a greater level of education; however, the door is open to finding success in a nontraditional way as well.”

“I have young children. On a daily basis, we go through exercises about the process of learning and the order in which a task should be accomplished.  I believe it is much more important for us to remain bright and inquisitive at every turn. Having worked in the sports and entertainment environment for many years, I still strive for perfection. I keep up to date with current events in the industry and I am constantly learning new things. This has prepared me to formulate a strategy and make very hard decisions from a business standpoint. I never want to be in a business conversation without the latest information or metrics that may affect an important outcome. This is a highly competitive industry, and you are only as good as your word.”

With an eye toward expanding his brand, London has made “trust” a critical ingredient in establishing his reputation as a thought leader in business and sports. “When it comes to empowering my peers or colleagues to carry out important tasks, establishing trust is a major element. If you have not earned the trust of your peers you may receive pushback, so I always operate with the understanding that I cannot offer the moon, but I will darn sure try to deliver it!”

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