BE Modern Man: 10 Weeks, 100 Ambassadors

BE Modern Man: 10 Weeks, 100 Ambassadors

Lincoln Stephens, social entrepreneur and BE Modern Man

In an effort to turn the conversation about young black men into something positive instead of something tragic, is highlighting the accomplishments of black men throughout the country with BE Modern Man.

Each week for the next eight weeks, we will be celebrating the essence, image and works of young black men who have found a purpose, are on a mission or leaving a positive legacy as only they can. The goal of this curated collective is to globally shift the standard narrative regarding men of color and project the positive perception that is a common reality to those within the Black Enterprise community and throughout the world. Because as the 100 men featured in our complete series know, and as young black men everywhere know – It’s our normal to be extraordinary.

This week’s Modern Man ambassador is 34-year-old “man of action” Lincoln Stephens. Find out why he left his job in advertising and what his true passion is.

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