Become An Exceptional Leader Under The Best CEOs And Thought Leaders
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Become An Exceptional Leader Under The Best CEOs And Thought Leaders

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Everyone can be a leader, but not everyone can manage to be an effective one. The truth of the matter is only a few are natural, born leaders. Most people have to take it upon themselves to learn, develop, and improve their leadership skills. This involves taking classes, hiring coaches, reading books, and undergoing training, things that even Fortune 500 CEOs do up to this day. Then again, not everyone has the resources to invest much in immersive learning. However, an alternative option comes in the form of Methods of Leadership Online Learning.

Methods is an online learning platform designed to provide accessible and practical leadership guidance for continuous improvement. All of the lectures are from well-renowned executive coach, Marshall Goldsmith and his 100 coaches. A subscription nets you interactive online courses, actionable bite-sized insight segments, and a comprehensive collection of straightforward business advice that you can apply in real-life situations. Unlike other learning platforms, the lectures in Methods offer learning paths and engaging learning experiences that adapt to the user. This allows you to forge your own learning journey. You also get supplementary tools and materials to fortify learning absorption and application.

The best part is you get the chance to learn from experienced instructors, including Marshall Goldsmith himself, along with the likes of Eric Schurenberg, CEO of Mansueto Ventures, home of Inc. and Fast Company, Chester Elton, co-founder of Culture Works, and Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, world champion in project management. Uncover your sharp edges, become more self-aware, increase your personal effectiveness, and build your leadership presence with a lifetime subscription to methods, now only $147.99.

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