2016 Best Companies for Diversity: JPMorgan Chase

CEO: Jamie Dimon


The 50 companies on this year’s Best Companies for Diversity list represent brands that recognize the value in cultivating an inclusive environment, driven by company leadership through senior management and the board of directors, as shown in the BE Registry of Corporate Directors. Some are taking a step further to engage employees during turbulent and confusing socio-political times.

Here, we’d like to highlight JMorgan Chase & Co., the financial services holding company headquartered in New York, and what it’s doing to push forward and nurture diversity and inclusion.

In February 2016, Chase announced a firm-wide diversity strategy: advancing black leaders, with a dedication to attracting, hiring, retaining, advancing, and developing talent from within the black community. Under Managing Director Valerie Rainford’s leadership, Chase aims to increase black representation at the officer level, expand the pipeline of junior talent, and retain existing employees through leadership development opportunities.

“We think of diversity here at JPMorgan Chase as synonymous with talent. It’s how we achieve our business objectives,” says Patricia David, managing director and global head of diversity.”We’re embedding diversity objectives and guidelines into business plans, increasing management accountability for bringing in the best talent, and encouraging managers to look for candidates in places they might not have looked before.”