The 5 Best Hashtags for Black Entrepreneurs

If you’re a black entrepreneur attempting to build a profitable business, attracting the attention of investors, journalists, and customers can be tough. Not only do you need to fight for attention in an already crowded marketplace, but you also have to fight against stereotypes and thinly-veiled racial bias at the same time. Some of the smartest moves black entrepreneurs can make is to follow, interact with, and tag your online posts with the right social media hashtags. If you’re a black entrepreneur hoping to grow your business venture, these are the best hashtags you should be using:

5 Best Hashtags for Black Entrepreneurs 


The #blackpreneur hashtag is crucial for black entrepreneurs wanting to attract online attention. This hashtag not only identifies you as an entrepreneur of color, but it also helps connect you with the rapidly-growing black entrepreneur community. Be sure to use this hashtag on multiple social networking platforms including Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.


The #PitchBlack hashtag is another must-use tag for black entrepreneurs wanting to connect with movers-and-shakers within the black startup and investment sector. #PitchBlack refers to black entrepreneurs pitching their startup companies to angel investors and venture capitalists. Add this hashtag to your social media posts and you’ll be surprised at how quickly your entrepreneurial endeavors will be spotted by investors looking specifically for entrepreneurs of color.


The #SupportBlackBusiness hashtag helps introduce your black-owned business to potential customers and investors online. Whether you want to attract local customers in your own community or connect with angel investors wanting to support black and Latino entrepreneurs, using the #SupportBlackBusiness hashtag in your social media posts will help you connect with those interested in supporting your ventures.


If you sell products as a black entrepreneur, consider integrating the #ShopBlack hashtag into your social media strategy. Combined with the #BuyBlack hashtag, you’ll increase attention for your black-owned business while upping your social media marketing game at the same time.


For black entrepreneurs building technology companies, the #blacktech hashtag is essential. Add this hashtag to your posts on social networking sites and there’s a good chance you’ll attract investor attention from black-focused investors like @ArlanWasHere.

Being social media savvy is imperative for black owners wanting to increase their success rate. While connecting with black entrepreneur communities like is essential, doubling-down on social media hashtags specific to the black business sector is a smart business move you’ll never regret.