Bevy Smith Talks Switching Careers, Becoming Her Own CEO and Bravo's 'Fashion Queens'
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Bevy Smith Talks Switching Careers, Becoming CEO and Bravo’s ‘Fashion Queens’

Image: Bevy Smith (Bravo)

Image: Bevy Smith with her "Fashion Queens" co-hosts Lawrence Washington and Derek J (Bravo)

You have a huge social media following and you’re very engaging on Twitter. What role would you say social media plays in your career and how important is it for you to engage on these sites daily?

Social media is my defacto publicist. I don’t have a publicist because at this point I’m still able to promote my projects on Twitter.  The minute my schedule becomes too grueling I will have to engage a professional team, but until then social media allows me to save $3 to $5k a month.  I tell people you can pay in time (Twitter) or money (pr agency) but either way you will pay to promote your brand.

As one of the host of Bravo’s Fashion Queens, what do you think sets the show apart from other shows like Fashion Police?

Our show is unique because we are three black people discussing pop culture seen through the prism of fashion.  It’s rare to see one black person on TV discussing high end fashion and celebrities, much less three.  Our backgrounds, both culturally and professionally, mean that we approach fashion in a vastly different way than say a panel with no people of color. Our culture informs our viewpoint.

What was the deciding factor that influenced you to join the show?

I’m very fortunate.  Andy Cohen has long been a champion of mine. He offered me the position, and I felt it was a job I could excel at and the rest is history!

For those who look at your career and think that all your job consist of is attending celebrity parties, fancy events and television appearances, what behind-the-scenes advice do you have for someone who wants to break into the media industry?

For those who think my life is filled with glamorous events, they are correct, lol.  No matter how challenging my schedule is, I’m always aware that my dreams from 10 years ago are coming true!  My biggest piece of advice is to train, take acting, improv, or camera courses.  Read the business journals, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, etc., so that you’re up to speed on what’s going on in your new industry.  Find an ally, a bit of a mentor, a person in the industry who can be a guide when opportunities are presented.  Before I secured my agent I had several TV producers who I met along the way who advised me on deals.

Fashion Queens airs Sundays on Bravo at 11:30 PM ET.