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Black Amazon Delivery Driver: I Was Attacked By White Women On the Job

Imagine just trying to do your job.

A Texas Amazon delivery driver has opened up about being racially harassed by two white residents of a luxury apartment complex while she was making her deliveries.

A video of the Dec 16 incident went viral on TikTok, prompting Houston Police to open an investigation. 

As reported by Law & Crime, Jamaiya Miller was assigned to deliver an Amazon package to a resident’s door. When she arrived at The Belle Meade at River Oaks, Miller reported being stopped by two white women.

“I was let into the building by a resident,” Miller wrote in an Instagram post. “I have an Amazon vest and a package in hand, so she lets me into the elevator.”

Miller said the woman physically accosted her, repeatedly telling her to deliver the package to the concierge desk, even though her customer had instructed her to bring it to their door.

“I [decided] to go with what the delivery instructions say and proceed to try to find the customer’s door on the second floor,” she wrote. “This resident, who let me in the elevator, then starts freaking out and runs and tells another lady that I am not listening to her about going to the concierge. The lady she told is who ends up harassing and assaulting me.”

Miller recalled that the woman began attacking her, shoving her against the wall and screaming, “She’s attacking me! We’ve had thieves here, and you’re a thief.”

“Both of these were older white women, who I assume were rich based on the neighborhood and fancy apartment building, and I absolutely believe their vitriol towards me was racially motivated,” Miller explained.

Eventually, another woman showed up and threatened to call the police on the Amazon driver, and Miller encouraged her to. Finally, a security guard intervened. 

The assault division of the Houston police are investigating the incident.