BLACK ENTERPRISE Releases Second-Ever Digital Cover Featuring Two Black Financial Leaders

BLACK ENTERPRISE is thrilled to announce that Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings, co-founders of financial literacy platform,  Earn Your Leisure (EYL), grace its second-ever digital motion cover.

Ahead of the inaugural BLACK ENTERPRISE Disruptor Summit, headliners Bilal and Millings spoke on building their revolutionary network and franchise with BE Deputy Digital Editor Selena Hill. The exclusive April cover story, titled “Earn Your Leisure: Leaders of a Financial Revolution,” is out now!

Since its launch, Earn Your Leisure has continued to give rise to emerging and established content creators from the world of business, finance, and entrepreneurship. And championing for financial literacy for historically underserved communities is the spark to the revolution.

From conceptualizing EYL to bringing in $100,000 to eight figures within four years, Hill pens an in-depth narrative about the co-founders’ humble business lessons and passionate efforts for giving disenfranchised populations access to information to acquire wealth.

“It was an honor for me to chronicle how Rashad Bilal and Troy Milling emerged as the new leaders in the Black economic empowerment movement. Not only are they educating our communities on finance, business, and entrepreneurship, but they are also emancipating Black households from generational poverty and financial bondage,” Hill said in a statement.

BLACK ENTERPRISE holds a special place for Millings and Bilal, who acknowledge BE‘s historical and current significance.

“Being on the cover of BLACK ENTERPRISE is a tremendous honor,” Millings told BE.

“For decades, it has been the staple of inspiration and aspiration for our community. They have always celebrated, highlighted, and championed the amazing contributions from the diaspora. To join the list of distinguished cover subjects is something I will always be grateful for.”

“My dad used to have all of the BLACK ENTERPRISE magazines on the coffee table,” said Bilal.

“I remember reading BLACK ENTERPRISE when I was 10 and 12 years old. It’s a full circle moment for us to be on the cover of BLACK ENTERPRISE now, and I think it represents a new wave of leadership when it comes to financial literacy, business, empowerment, and investing.”

Today, these financial powerhouses are part of our latest digital motion cover launch, which aims to provide readers with exclusive content and insights into the lives and achievements of some of the most successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, and thought influencers in the Black community. 

Following the first digital motion release of the February story featuring Slutty Vegan Founder Aisha “Pinky” Cole, each cover will be available exclusively on BE’s homepage, with additional content available across social media channels. 

“Through our digital covers, we will showcase our featured stories in a dynamic and immersive way, providing our audience with an experience that is both engaging and informative,” said Justin Barton, BLACK ENTERPRISE Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy & Partnership, per a statement.

To read the full April story, please visit 

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