Alterity Is The First Black and Female Owned Dispute Resolution Firm
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Black Female Launches First Black-And-Female-Owned National Dispute Resolution Firm, Alterity ADR

Marcie Dickson
Marice Dickson is the first Black national dispute resolution firm. (Image: Atlanta Business Chronicle)

Marcie Dickson is the first Black female to launch a national dispute resolution firm in the United States, Alterity Resolution Services LLC.

The Atlanta-based dispute resolution firm officially announced its launch with a diverse and expert panel of mediators and arbitrators accepting engagements nationwide and internationally.

Alterity ADR is a unique dispute resolution firm because its panel of neutrals operate under the conviction that more diverse teams contribute to an inclusive environment and produce similar results. According to an Alterity ADR release, research shows diverse teams develop better decisions 87% of the time and reduce risks by 30% while improving innovation by 20%.

A June 2021 American Association for Justice study found that at the nation’s two largest dispute resolution firms, 23% of arbitrators are women and just 12% are women of color.

“I created Alterity to utilize and expand the pool of high-skilled and diverse mediators, arbitrators and ADR experts who have significant experience and expertise to handle high-value, complex disputes but are too often overlooked for meaningful opportunities,” Dickson said.

Alterity ADR also leverages data and analytics to ensure solutions that influence ADR delivery models, neutral preparedness and push better outcomes.

“One of our primary goals is to make dispute resolution more inclusive and responsive to clients’ needs. We are making ADR better through a human-centered approach that is different from what clients are accustomed to, because the process is truly about them, not us,” Dickson added.

Alterity ADR’s veteran roster of neutrals focuses on disputes relating to complex business issues, torts, insurance and reinsurance lines, civil rights, governments and regulation, intellectual property and cross-border matters.

Alterity ADR initial panel members include:

  • Leah Ward Sears, the first Black woman to serve as chief justice of any state Supreme Court in the US.
  • Linda Klein, former American Bar Association President
  • Carol Hunstein, former Chief Justice of Georgia Supreme Court
  • Julie Jun, partner, Hawkins Parnell & Young and many others