Black Girls Hack Founders on #BlackHack

Black Girls Hack Founders Talk Changing Tech Space, First Non-Profit Hackathon

It’s not uncommon to connect with others in your industry at an event, swap contact information and move on to continue connecting with more like-minded  (or not) individuals, but the founders of Black Girls Hack weren’t letting this chance encounter slip away.  Kat Calvin, co-founder of Character’s Closet, Amanda Spann, founder of Glamobile and Sidewalk District creator Janelle Jolley met at the Focus 100 Symposium, an event that connects influencers, thought leaders and tech startups founded by women, and left with friendship and an innovative concept.

The tech trio started Black Girls Hack, the first non-profit hackathon series geared toward the African-American tech community. Largely based in Atlanta, the coding contest creators reeled in sponsorship from companies like Limitless Smart Shot, Mailchimp and SendGrid.

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