Black History Month Quote of the Day: Earl G. Graves, Sr.
Black History Month

Black History Month Quote of the Day: Black Enterprise Founder Earl G. Graves, Sr.

Earl G. Graves, founder of Black Enterprise
Earl G. Graves, Sr. , graduate of Morgan State University In 1970, Graves founded Black Enterprise magazine as a single issue publication. In 1972, he was named one of the 10 most outstanding minority businessmen in the country by the president of the United States and received the National Award of Excellence in recognition of his achievements in minority business enterprise. Today, Graves is the Chairman and Publisher of Black Enterprise, and Morgan State University's business school is named after him: Earl G. Graves School of Business and Management.

While we provide you with quotes on the black celebrities, politicians, artists and entertainers with birthdays this month, as well as the black facts of the day which inform you on what went on in this day in history, we also have another treat for you.

We will publish a landmark quote from an African American legend every day of Black History Month.

Today, February 1st, our first quote comes from Black Enterprise Magazine Founder & Publisher, Earl G. Graves.

“Education is the primary tool of emancipation and liberation in our fight for true equality in this country.”