How This Black Male Educator Staffs Schools During A National Teacher Shortage

Meet Marvin Dutton, a certified teacher whose dedication to equipping students and educators with educational strategies and resources has turned his company into one of the leading substitute teaching agencies.

Through his staffing agency Marvin’s Education Services (M.E.S.), Dutton provides educational staffing, tutoring, and school-based programming for teachers in the tri-state area. (M.E.S. is expanding to the Atlanta and Miami markets to help combat the national teacher shortage.)

“Teaching is a passion. Teaching is a lifestyle. It is typically viewed as a low-paying hard labor job. However, there are many ways to grow in a school community,” Dutton tells BLACK ENTERPRISE.

“The current teacher shortage has created leverage for educators to demand higher salaries and more benefits. Schools are now paying signing bonuses while investing in their teacher’s college careers. Many aspiring teachers are returning to college on an all-expense full ride.”

“In addition, substitute teaching is a great way for aspiring entrepreneurs to supplement their income,” he adds.

The Philadelphia native graduated in the top 10% of his class at Frankford High School before studying at Albright College and Penn State Abington, where he received a bachelor of arts in psychological and social sciences. In a nod to his stride toward educational excellence, Dutton received his master’s degree from Lincoln University in education with a concentration in elementary education. He became a certified teacher.

Spending years in education gave Dutton a better understanding of what was missing when it came to providing students with the best possible education. Oftentimes, public school teachers battle with low school budgets that force them into footing the bill to equip their classrooms with resources.

“Public School Teachers deserve more incentives as they are providing such an essential service to the community,” Dutton says.

However, his staffing agency works to combat these issues by serving as a bridge between teachers and school administrations.

“We want our substitute teachers to remain with one school community with the hopes of a possible promotion,” he says. “We believe that this teacher shortage has drastically affected learning in the classroom.”

“Students benefit more when there is a consistent teacher who is seeking to maximize the learning experience in the classroom,” he adds. “M.E.S. will continue to solve the national teacher shortage.”

In launching Marvin’s Education Services (M.E.S.), the award-winning educator works tirelessly to increase academic skills by equipping students with educational strategies through after-school programs, tutoring, and educational products like his Black History flash cards.

“Our After School and Summer Program has been a safe place for many students over the years,” he says.

“We also provided a free AAU Basketball experience to a group of students from 1st grade to 8th grade. In 2020, our students graduated from the program. We continue to mentor them as they navigate the perils of high school basketball.”

In the wake of the global pandemic, Dutton has geared more efforts toward remote learning and one-on-one tutoring programs as well as a free summer basketball camp in partnership with Philadelphia councilman-at-large Isaiah Thomas.

When it comes to expanding the M.E.S. service line to Atlanta and Miami, Dutton is aiming to work with more daycare centers and charter schools.

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