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Black Mom Creates All-Natural Skincare Line After Her 6-Week-Old Daughter Developed Eczema

Meet Jocelyne Firmin, founder and CEO of Kiyamel, a Black-owned all-natural skincare brand that has quickly become the become the top choice for people battling with eczema, psoriasis, and sensitive skin conditions. She started the company when her daughter, who was 6 weeks old at the time, developed a case of persistent eczema.

Firmin, who is Haitian-American, collaborated with a skilled chemist to craft a potent formula using natural ingredients that has since brought relief and joy to more than 10,000 customers. Now her clinically tested products grace the shelves of retail outlets including the Sistah Shop.

Founded in 2019, Kiyamel only began its operational journey in January 2021, but its impact has already been profound. With nearly 30 million Americans grappling with some form of eczema, Firmin recognized the dire need and spent years in meticulous research and development to perfect her skincare brand.

Clinically tested and vouched for, Kiyamel is the First Black-owned company to be accepted by the esteemed National Eczema Association. This accolade speaks to Kiyamel’s quality and underscores its commitment to inclusivity and representation in the skincare realm.

In a strategic partnership with some of the country’s leading dermatologists, Kiyamel aims to provide solace to those seeking natural remedies for their skin woes.

Dr. Calvin Williams, MD, FAAD of Essential Dermatology Group, raved about the brand, saying, “Patients love it. I selectively use it for those who lean towards natural products, and that’s a significant number. Kiyamel’s offerings are phenomenal, and I’d recommend they reach out to more physicians with their samples.”

Kiyamel has expanded its reach to global platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, Beauty Bridge, and Women Market Place. Its Eczema Relief Oil and luscious Body Butters are flying off the shelves, becoming must-have items for individuals across the globe.

For independent retailers looking to amp up their offerings and revenue, now is the time to ride Kiyamel’s wave of success. As the brand continues its upward trajectory, stores that stock Kiyamel are not just offering top-tier products but also aligning with a brand that stands for quality, inclusivity, and genuine care.

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