Report: Black National Police Officer Alleges White Supervisor Said He Hoped Black Lives Matter Protesters Would Die
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Report: Black National Police Officer Alleges White Supervisor Said He Hoped Black Lives Matter Protesters Would Die

A Black Capital Park Police Officer has filed a lawsuit saying his White supervisor and officers made racist statements. (Image: Twitter)

A white supervisor and several other white officers with the Maryland-National Capital Park Police discussed preparing for a race war, expressing hope that Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters would be killed, according to a federal lawsuit filed by a Black officer.

The New York Times reports that officer Mark Miles has accused his supervisor and fellow officers of repeatedly making racist, offensive remarks on a group text chain that was used for work assignments and other police business.

The text messages were made as nationwide and worldwide 2020 BLM protests against police brutality and racism were occurring.

Miles, who joined the force in October 2019, was the only Black officer in his unit known as Shift 5, which operated in Montgomery County, 30 miles outside of Washington D.C. According to the suit, the unit’s supervisor, Sgt. Stephanie Harvey, asked Miles, who is of mixed race and identifies as Black, if he would be “on our side” in a race war.

“At least half of u is!” Harvey texted according to Miles’ suit.

In another instance, Harvey texted she was “ready” for a race war adding, “I need more ammo though,” the suit states. According to the lawsuit, Harvey also commented on BLM protestors:  “Well they got the Army out there sooooo…hopefully, they will get to kill some people,” and, “Kill em all.”

During roll call in August 2020, Harvey called Miles “the only half-colored on the squad,” while the other officers laughed.

The comments are not surprising. During the BLM movement, there were numerous incidents of violence by police officers during BLM protests in Florida, New York, and Austin, Texas.

Miles, who filed the suit Monday accusing, seeks economic and compensatory damages as well as Harvey’s termination and the appointment of a federal monitor to ensure fairness in the department.

The National Capital Park Police said in a statement “When a series of secret text messages among a group of Park Police officers came to the attention of our management, we promptly initiated an investigation and took appropriate action based on the findings of that inquiry.” As a result, several officers were suspended and referred to the disciplinary process for termination.

Miles’ suit says that while Harvey may have been suspended, she and the other officers are still employed by the department; several who made racist comments have since been promoted.

Meanwhile, Miles was removed from the text group and pressured to transfer from the unit. When he didn’t, he was “involuntarily transferred” to a new shift.