TC Bakery, airport, Florida

Black Woman-Owned Bakery Soars As First-Ever At Florida Airport

TC Bakery, a business known for its Southern roots and delectable treats, is the first-ever Black woman-owned Bakery at Tallahassee International Airport in Florida. As Black Business Month continues, the bakery is now part of history and paving the way for this avenue of food enterprises.

Owner and founder Jennifer Young has a story that many entrepreneurs can relate to and respect, as she emerged from humble beginnings with a dream of creating a successful business. TC Bakery was founded in her personal kitchen and has since grown into a formidable company making a name for itself, according to WTXL.

Young is the offspring of fellow restaurateurs, following in her parent’s footsteps to embark on a dream of making confectionary delights that speak to her passion and pride for her Southern upbringing.

“My parents, Isaac and Tommie Williams, owned a popular restaurant in the ’80s and ’90s called Ma Mary’s Kitchen, located on the campus of FAMU,” Young shared with Tallahassee Foodies.

“My mother died when I was 10, and my daddy continued to raise me as a single father. I began baking in 2016 after the birth of my twins, using a cookbook that was passed down to me and added my own twist to the recipes.

After COVID left many small businesses hard hit, Young decided to hone in on the craft of baking, excelling in curating sweets that resulted in dedicated customers. Her hard work and representation in baked goods and desserts speak to the diversity she spearheads, especially in this new location venture.

However, her expansion into a business empire does not stop at the airport, as Young plans to also create the TC Bakery Factory. She hopes to explore franchising opportunities and a premium kitchen space within the facility to host more events that share her delights with Floridians.

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