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Black-Owned Brand Cape Sativa First To Release CBD Water

Cape Sativa, a Black-owned company dedicated to finding new ways to explore the benefits of CBD for human usage and consumption, has announced its latest groundbreaking release. The business is now the first to release cannabidiol (CBD) water, which is 100% water soluble.

The breakthrough formula is its patented nanotechnology platform. The 100% bioavailable water will be named Equivex Aqua, as reported by MSN. The expanded advantages of CBD can potentially be consumed wholly through this first-of-its-kind beverage. Before this achievement, CBD was extracted as an oil, so its medicinal benefits could not be easily absorbed into the body. However, Cape Sativa’s usage of nano-encapsulation attached specific polymers to create an emulsion that is cohesive with water. This application extends beyond water, and the same method could be considered in pharmaceutical and holistic drug development.

CBD-infused products are a growing trend due to their recorded medicinal properties that can be found using the plant compound without the psychotropic effects.

Cape Sativa’s chairperson, Khandani Msibi, believes that obtaining the benefits of CBD through these means will lead to its broader implementation in other areas.

“Cape Sativa has a pipeline of products with varying levels of dosage and delivery,” shared Msibi. “Nanotechnology has enabled us to develop CBD products that can be delivered orally, through an inhaler directly into the lungs and into the bloodstream through an injection. Water is not the only oral application. We have nanospray-dried capsules that we have produced in Switzerland and sterile CBD will soon be produced for injectables.”

The company hopes to have the product available in October, with inventory for in-person sales at health shops and mainstream retailers. Upon its release, the South African brand will venture to the U.S. to accrue investors as the Cannabis industry within the country has a stronger foundation. As a Black-owned company, it’s leading innovation in a field where Black entrepreneurs are often marginalized. Hopefully, this will level the playing field for diverse cannabis ventures.

Equivex Aqua will be available in four fruit flavors upon its launch, increasing to 20 milligrams of CBD for future releases.

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