These Black-Owned Chicago Boutiques Serve Up Style

These Black-Owned Chicago Boutiques Serve Up Style

As black people, if there is one thing we know, that thing is style. Not only is it rooted in our DNA—a birthright, if you will— it also adorns our bodies. We wear what we feel, what we think, what compliments our vibe. We let our clothes speak, even when we cannot.

These 5 Chicago boutiques below know the importance of expression in black style. It’s why they exist—for you to find what is authentically you in a place that already knows who you are. Check them out:

Bronzeville Boutique

4259 S King Drive, Chicago, IL, 60653; (773) 891-4473

Bronzeville Boutique by Lady Mocha is a primary source for exclusive, cutting edge, and stylish pieces. This boutique aims to complete your fashion statement thoroughly.

The boutique’s wardrobe stylists and image consultants are focused-driven and knowledgeable, maximizing the client’s shopping needs. The goal is to empower and assist the embracing of the Lady Mocha lifestyle that every woman deserves.

Lady Mocha is a brand representing every woman who is sexy, smart, and strong. She takes on full-time duties with poise and grace.

Kiwi’s Boutique

1015 S. Western Ave., Chicago, IL 60612; (312) 421-3322

Located in the UIC District of Chicago, Kiwi’s Boutique carries the latest trends & chic wear complimented with a comfortable, cozy environment, which creates a unique shopping experience.

The boutique is stocked to give you style from head to toe. Need something cute and practical? Choose from an array of tops, jackets, and bottoms and consider every detail with an inviting blend of accessories and handbags.

Sarah Kuenyefu Collection

1510 E. 63rd St, Chicago, IL 60637; (773) 324-6858

Sarah Kuenyefu Collection strives for customer satisfaction by creating organic designs made with quality fabrics and excellent workmanship.

The SKC brand allows clients to build a wardrobe that is functional and timeless.
Inspired by the owner’s  African heritage, Sarah Kuenyefu Collection has evolved to be adaptable into the Western culture.

Sir & Madame

5225 S Harper Court, Chicago, IL; (773) 241-5225

This cool husband and wife owned boutique and brand focuses on casual & vintage-inspired clothing, accessories, and shoes for women, men, and kids..

Standout Style Boutique

3353 S. Morgan Street, Chicago, IL; (773) 565-4885

Standout Style Boutique was launched by Tamika Maria Price, an award-winning wardrobe stylist, personal shopper and author. She opened to offer women quality, head-turning style in a range of sizes (XS-3XL) and a stellar shopping experience that fits your budget.

Know of any Chicago-based, black-owned boutiques that aren’t on this list? Please do share.