Black-Owned Consulting Business Releases E-Learning Videos For Law Professionals

Black-Owned Consulting Business Releases E-Learning Videos For Law Professionals

Coston Consulting's curriculum includes a core set of videos and an advanced track for those who need it.

A Black-owned legal business advisory firm, Coston Consulting, has launched an accessible video-based learning program to teach lawyers how to brand themselves successfully. 

According to an American Bar Association report, Black lawyers are severely underrepresented in the justice sphere, making up only 5% of the legal community in the United States. To bridge the gap, Coston Consulting has released a line of e-learning products to help those having trouble reaching a wide variety of clients by teaching them the skills necessary for personal branding.

The program, called Coston Elevate Curriculum, includes videos instructing law firm associates on how to market themselves and generate a more lucrative revenue. 

Essence reported that the Coston Elevate Curriculum has an easy-to-follow core program that covers vital basic skills like branding and marketing through networking strategies. It also offers an advanced course track that provides content for senior associates and embedded junior partners. The advanced program helps those who want to learn “with profile raising, pitching for new business, client relations, and cross-selling.”

Michael Coston, CEO of Coston Consulting, explained in a news release, “The legal industry is more competitive than ever, and it’s become increasingly important for young associates and junior partners to hone their marketing and business development skills early in their careers to help them stand out in a crowded marketplace and eventually generate business. We designed the Elevate Curriculum to do just that.” 

Coston continued, “Each track offers video-learning modules, interactive quizzes, resource templates, checklists, and FAQ guides to help support attorneys as they progress through the program.”

The e-learning videos offer a myriad of testing and learning avenues across electronic devices. For example, “The curriculum can be accessed from a laptop, iPad, or other mobile devices. Users have unlimited access to the platform during their subscription and can progress through the program at their own pace.”