Black Tech Events You Should Attend at SXSW

Black Tech Events You Should Attend at SXSW

(Image: Pexels)
(Image: Pexels)

If you’ve ever been to SXSW, you come to quickly understand that it’s probably the most exhilarating, overwhelming, and anxiety-driven event that you will ever attend in your lifetime. We’ve put together a list of black tech events you should go to so you can streamline your excitement.

Choose ATL House 

Highlight events include:

  • Meet THEA: Behind the Launch of Atlanta’s New Video Platform
  • Scaling Culture + Community with The Gathering Spot
  • Founders’ Therapy: Livin’ Ramen Profitable When Everyone Thinks You’re Ballin’…

Hustle House @ SXSW

Highlight events include:

  • How to Secure the Bag and KEEP It
  • Black Women & Billion-Dollar Startups
  • Blockchain for the People!
  • Lessons Learned While Raising a Seed Round
  • From 0 to 1, Creating a Physical Product from Scratch
  • Top 3 Lessons in Crowdfunding and Hardware
  • 5 Hacks for Non-Technical Founders of Tech Startups
  • The 4 H’s of a Founding Team
  • Ownership in the Innovation Economy
  • Self-Preservation While Navigating the System
  • Bet on Me, We Win!!!
  • Quantifying an Inclusive Culture
  • Building a Community from Scratch
  • How I REALLY Got Into the Tech Industry
  • Healthy Hustle Habits
  • How Do You Measure Success?
  • Building a Two-Sided Marketplace
  • Trends in Sextech
  • How to Amplify Your Next Product Launch on a Shoestring Budget
  • Why Patriarchy is the OS of the Failed Parts of Capitalism—and How Blockchain Transcends That
  • The New Normal in VC: Strategies for Success from Founders of Color
  • How to Lead as a Whole Person
  • 10 Things No One Tells You (But Really Should) About Starting a Tech Company


Highlight events include:

  • Solutions for Hiring Top Minority Tech Talent
  • Hacking the Racial Bias in Artificial Intelligence
  • Building Safe Workspaces for Millennials of Color
  • Blacks on the Blockchain
  • Black Entrepreneurship Beyond Music and Sports
  • Trap Goes Tech: A Case Study


SXSW 2018 House of Social Impact

Highlight events include:

  • #BrillianceBeyondBars

Culture House

Highlight events include:

  • Culture Brunch
  • Culture Day Party
  • Culture Night Cap


The Inclusive Innovation House @ SXSW 2018

Highlight events include:

  • YurHouse Pop-Up
  • Startup Showcases from popular startups, Notearise, Hylux Water, and more…
  • The Game Changer Series Featuring Music Tech Industry Leader Adrianne C. Smith
  • Panels in the Digital/Tech, Music, and Film sectors
  • Fireside Chat with Adolphus Nolan of Notearise
  • The Unpanel: A Showcase of Some of the Best Diversity and Inclusion Panels Overlooked by the SXSW PanelPicker

SXSW Hip Hop

Highlight events include:

  • An Ode to Hip Hop—The Impact of Storytelling



Highlight events include:

  • Create Your Own Virtual World


Africa House at SXSW 2018

  • Investing in a Vision for Rwanda
  • Searching for Scale: The opportunities and challenges of moving beyond startup in the African context.
  • Tech for Development Panel: Powered by the US African Development Foundation
  • #AfroFuturism: How African Superheros are Saving the Day


Add any events that we’re missing in the comments section below.