Blueprint for Success

The months are adding up and we are well into the month of February, the second month of a brand new year and decade. While January is usually the best time to dust off and prepare to win for 2010, February is just as good. Regardless of what was, it’s just that—WAS (wasting away sulking).

This year is a chance to be better, smarter, prouder, stronger, and take no mess.

The best way to kick off my blog about branding, entrepreneurism, and marketing for Women of Power is to offer you inspiration and a “business” game plan offered by my mentor, Beverly Kearney, University of Texas (Austin), track and field superstar coach, former All-American, and philanthropist, to set off 2010.

But who am I to offer advice? Proudly and emphatically, I am Karen Taylor Bass, The PR Expert, author, radio host, motivational speaker, and “brand” new mommy. I have spent 20 years as a media strategist/marketing expert/media coach for corporations such as: Sony Music, Coca-Cola, United Negro College Fund, Harper Collins, and EMI to name a few. I am the public relations expert who helped change the landscape of urban music in the ‘90s with the neo-soul movement. Now I am a proud entrepreneur holding strong in the midst of an economic tsunami. I retired from corporate America several years ago upon getting married and having an instant family.

Coach Bev shared how she was chosen by a higher power to live after a near fatal car accident. The doctors told her to prepare to die. Her chance for a full recovery was bleak–she was paralyzed, faced multiple surgeries, and had a narrow chance of ever coaching her team to another NCAA title. When told of her prognosis, Coach Bev said she looked the team of doctors in the face and replied, “Are you kidding me? My faith is strong and I’m not ready to die. I have overcome more than this. Giving up is failing, which is not an option for me at any time.” (Listen to our uplifting interview and discussion,

It never crossed Coach Bev’s mind that she was not going to make a full recovery. I wonder how many of us have that feeling of determination to go the distance with our “business” game plan?

How many of us have thought about giving up on our dreams, business, and most importantly self? I know I have.

A true champion is taught that, in life, there is only one option–winning.

Let’s not wait to be given a dire prognosis. Decide today to create a bold, winning game plan for 2010.

Here is Coach Bev’s blueprint for success:

1. Do something different for better results. Only a fool would continue to do business the same way they did in 2009 and expect to win in 2010.

2. Know your desired outcome. If that outcome is to WIN, then use the most strategic and smartest approach to WIN (big). There are no rules. Create your own.

3. Don’t be afraid to fail. Failure allows you to rethink your strategy in order to grow. Never allow a failure to get you stuck. Remember–it’s all part of the process.

4. Speak it. If you believe you are the best—then shout it from the mountain top and let it be recorded and heard. You have to be your own cheerleader, and make certain to travel in a sphere of greatness.

5. Take action now. There’s no time to say, shoulda coulda woulda—that’s so 2009. You want to change your lot in life, well put one foot in front of the other and get to it. Action yields results.

6. Go for the gold. Yes, we are in a recession. However, someone is getting business and why shouldn’t it be you? Let decision makers know that you are open for strategic business, joint ventures, and international travel. Take the road less traveled and beat your competition and stand out.

Are you ready to show and prove? What is your life/career challenge for 2010? What will you do differently? I want to hear from you.

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