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Lauren Wesley Wilson, Founder And CEO Of ColorComm, To Release Book For Career Advancement

Join the author for a seven-city book tour, with special guest journalists Sunny Hostin and Elaine Welteroth.

In her upcoming book, What Do You Need? How Women of Color Can Take Ownership of Their Careers to Accelerate Their Path to Success, businesswoman and founder/CEO of ColorComm Corporation Lauren Wesley Wilson unveils the essential skills women of color need to attain leadership positions.

Drawing from her own career trajectory, Lauren shares the unwritten rules and playbook necessary for women of color to advance to the C-suite. The book’s description on Penguin Random House emphasizes that What Do You Need? is a crucial question the author’s ColorComm organization has long posed to its community, underscoring the importance of determining where you want to go and what you need to get there.

The four-part book covers topics such as Finding Your Place, Establishing Your Position, Forging Your Future, and Becoming an Ally. Wilson also shares a message to her parents, writing, “To my parents, who taught me how to use my voice to advocate for what I need.”

Wilson has continued her advocacy through her ColorComm Corporation. Founded in 2011, the organization serves the needs of multicultural talent in the communications, marketing, advertising, digital, and public relations industries.

According to the website, ColorComm provides “access and opportunity for people of color in business, delivers industry campaigns to inform and educate, counsels clients on crisis and media relations, and develops a community” for those seeking leadership and C-suite positions. “What we created unknowingly was this community of women of color who just wanted more for themselves, who wanted more for their professional journeys, who wanted more enriching personal lives, and just wanted more opportunities to figure out how they were going to advance in the workplace,” the writer said in 2021.

The corporation’s portfolio includes the ColorComm Network, ColorComm Search, ColorComm Media Group, and Men of Color in Communications.

With a global community of over 100,000 professionals and a portfolio of brands, ColorComm Corporation collaborates with leading companies to create an inclusive industry that supports and uplifts people of color.

Wilson’s book, published by Hay House Business, is available for preorder at $25.99 ahead of its April 2 release date.

Wilson posted an invite on Instagram for followers to join herself and “the most amazing, accomplished and badass women” on her seven-city book tour, which kicks off on April 2 in New York City and concludes on April 15 in Chicago.

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