Boss Up—You Are the CEO of Your Life
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Boss Up—You Are the CEO of Your Life

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Malcolm “MJ” Harris is back with another word that we all need to hear. So many of us are moving with the understanding that life is happening and we are a character in it versus taking control of what happens. “Think of your life as a corporation and you are the CEO,” says Harris.

It’s time to boss up, and here’s how.


Look for the Red Flags

Harris says one of the biggest red flags is when people play the victim. “When I meet someone new and they come at it from the mind-set of, ‘this happened to me and that happened to me and people just don’t cherish me.’ You can’t be a boss and a victim at the same time. Bosses navigate life as a boss and victims navigate life as a victim.”


We Don’t Control the Action, but We Do Control the Response

If you feel you are being treated unfairly in the workplace, it’s time to boss up. Harris says, “Don’t come at me talking about I don’t get paid enough money and I don’t know what to do. Well, you can boss up.”

  • Look within your company and identify ways you can get a raise.
  • If you’ve outgrown your job or working for people, it’s time to create your own business.


Take Responsibility for Your Ability to Create the Next Steps in Your Life

Malcolm says, “Stop waiting for others to create those steps for you. You are the only person with the power to create the life you desire for yourself.” If you created a vision board for this year you are the only person with the power to make that vision board a reality. The same goes for prayer, he says. “Some of you pray every morning and every night for your life to become the desires of your heart. You’re the only person who can execute on that.”


Take Action

Stop sitting back and waiting for life to make things happen. You need to make them happen for yourself.

Check out the full video for more tips below.