Brains and Beauty: Blake Von D on Law School, Fashion and Self-Worth
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Brains and Beauty: Blake Von D on Law School, Fashion and Self-Worth

(Image: Augusta Sagnelli)

Share with aspiring bloggers how you grew your audience.

Be authentic! In my opinion, there isn’t a set formula. Every blogger’s path is different. You just have to be yourself, consistently, and your audience will find you. The goal is to build genuine relationships and supporters, people who are truly invested in both you and your brand.

Have you been able to use your blog to help fund you through law school?

No, I don’t use my blog to fund law school. I’ve been fortunate in that the majority of my education has been paid for with scholarships.

Did L’Oreal and Shoedazzle seek you out for the brand ambassador partnerships, or did you pitch yourself?

Both brands sought me out. Shoedazzle found me via Instagram and reached out to me via my blog. We’ve been partnered together for about three years now. L’Oreal pretty much did the same. I used both products prior to, so they were natural partnerships.

How can students or young professionals just beginning look just as stylish as yourself without breaking the bank?

I’m all about embracing fast-fashion and seeing a garment for what it could be in your closet, not for what the designer or brand tells you it should be. A little bit of thinking outside of the box will take you a long way. Shop online (websites often have the best deals and offer promo codes); re-wear items in new, fun ways; and keep an eye on your local thrift store and a great tailor on speed dial!

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