Brains and Beauty: Blake Von D on Law School, Fashion and Self-Worth

Brains and Beauty: Blake Von D on Law School, Fashion and Self-Worth

Blake Von D is a fashion blogger and stunning beauty with over 25,000 Instagram followers. The 27-year-old Spelman graduate with a Master’s from NYU and a year left of law school at Tulane University epitomizes brains and beauty. Whether searching for deets on that gorgeous Jones New York Coat, or for a more in depth pick-me-up via one of Blake’s personal stories, her blog Blake Von D… Style & Grace has become a popular hangout for the girls who have an equal appreciation for both style and matters beyond the surface.

[Related: Join Charles Wade, Wagatwe Wanjuki and Kelly Pierre-Louis for B.E. Social Media Week] caught up with Blake to get the scoop on her partnership with L’Oreal, her journey to self-worth, and if she’s leaning toward a career in law or fashion. Keep reading and get to know the stylish and smart it-girl!

Spelman. Tulane. Style sensation. You’ve really accomplished a lot! What are you most proud of, professionally or personally?

It’s interesting because most days it doesn’t feel like I’ve accomplished a lot. At least not as much as I thought I would have by this age. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t proud of the things I’ve accomplished, but professionally I feel like I have so much more to accomplish.

That said, some of my proudest accomplishments are those of a more personal nature. People are often shocked to learn that up until about six or seven years ago, I struggled tremendously with self-esteem and embracing my worth, especially as a brown girl. The work I’ve done on myself and the stories and support I’m able to share with other brown girls is what makes me proudest. It was a long, difficult journey—one that continues and deepens every day—but I absolutely love being in a position that I can ask other women to take the journey with me and allow me to accompany them on theirs.

You’re in law school, but you’ve gained a lot of popularity as a fashionista and personality. Would you consider a career in fashion or entertainment instead of law?

One of the things that law school has taught me about myself is that I’m not quite “straight laced” enough for a traditional law career. My first semester of law school was extremely difficult for me because I felt like I was being asked to fit myself into a really small box—a box that I worked really hard to escape. I’m obsessed with all things intellectual property, so a career in fashion or entertainment is right up my alley.

The closer I get to graduation and the more opportunities that come my way, the more I start to feel like that might be my path. The beautiful thing about a law degree is that it is one of the most versatile degrees in the world. With the exception of practicing medicine, I can pretty much do anything I want. But who needs med school when you have Grey’s Anatomy? [Laughs.]

You’ve been able to profit from your style. Do you think your business sense is just natural, or did you do some research on how you could monetize style blogging?

Yes and no. I think I have really good instincts and I understand people really well, which has helped me when it comes to building my brand. But I just sort of fell into blogging and so there were things I had to learn and seek guidance about.

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