'Blood, Sweat, Heels' Star Demetria Lucas Talks Branding and Reality TV

Author and Life Coach Demetria Lucas Talks Branding and Reality TV Boss Moves

I would have never thought in a million years a woman would say that. If you’re in a certain environment with women who struggle to get things out in their life, then you would think you understand where this is coming from. Then I would say, “OK, I get that.” To my knowledge everyone on the show has a business or a brand. I was shocked that an actual woman would say that they don’t believe a woman should lead. At first I was like are they doing this for the cameras. I was really sitting there in shock like OMG.

Do you believe the stereotype that black women don’t support each other to get ahead in their careers?

People constantly talk about black women are not supportive of each other. I’ve been to the panels and discussions. I hear it, but that’s never been my experience. My first job was at BET and they were the ones that pushed me to say you can do something with your writing. Most people know me from ESSENCE and I was in an office filled with black women. When Angela Burt Murray was Editor-In-Chief, she was the one that said, “I read your blog and I think it’s so good, I think you should have a column.” She really pushed me and believed in me. I feel that about the rest of the office. I’ve never had that experience. I don’t know if I’m very rare or I just don’t promote that stereotype.

You’re notoriously private about your relationship with “CBW” as you call him. Why did you decide to include him on this very public TV show?

That’s more his thing then it is mine. He’s a behind the scenes type of guy. We talked about showing my life and he’s a huge part of my life. We thought it would be odd to not show him. I’ve wrote about him for 6 years, I had a column. I give bits and pieces, I give enough. If you’re expecting big blow ups and fights that’s not how we get down in the real world.

What’s next for you and your brand?

The next book — “Don’t Waste Your Pretty.” It’s a hard core advice book based on the Formspring I’ve done over the past 3 years. I’ll be delving more into that. It’s the nitty gritty version of the advice I give, not as much narrative as my previous book “A Belle In Brooklyn.” I’ll also be launching a 15 city speaking tour from March to December in the US and South Africa called “Conversations With Belle.”

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