Bride Prays For Her Single Friends Instead of Tossing Bouquet

Bride Prays For Her Single Friends Instead of Tossing Bouquet

After sharing a video of her heartfelt prayer for her single friends who attended her wedding ceremony, a life coach has gone viral.

Lakeisha Dixon Jones prides herself on “teaching women how to embrace and perfect their gifts,” as noted in her Instagram bio. She stayed on-brand for her wedding day by opting out of a traditional bouquet toss for an impromptu prayer session.


With so many women she loves in the room, Coach Dixon Jones found it hard to give her bouquet to only one person. Instead, she broke off a piece of the bouquet for each and added a powerful word to the special gift.

“Anyone who knows, [knows] I love my friends. I don’t subscribe to drop your single friend now that you got a man,” Dixon Jones captioned the touching post.

“That’s a passed-down tradition, and it’s not necessary. Do I believe in boundaries? Yes! But I believe God has called me to make an impact and be a blessing.”

“I had visions when I was single about how I would gather my single friends and place them in a circle and speak a blessing,” she continued.

“These women have prayed for me and covered me so many times. I decree that my marriage will start a slew of suddenly in my girl’s life.”

She noted how her wedding was a “blessing” to her single friends.

“My hope and my joy is that your wait will not be in vain,” the life coach told her friends.

“And my joy is that God is going to bless you with a suitable man that’s right for you.”

The special moment was reposted across the internet, with many applauding Dixon Jones for extending blessings of love and marriage to her single friends.

“Never in a million did I expect God to shine like this, but He did, and we give Him glory,” she said in response to all of the support.