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Black Enterprise magazine Fall 2019 issue


The Black Man Who Designed Some of Your Favorite Jordans Is Teaching Others How To Design Footwear

Imagine walking into a 20,000-square-foot building with floor to ceiling inspirational quotes; Nike and Jordan sneakers designs mounted on the wall; 480 miniature shoeboxes with the names of leading fashion companies inscribed on them; and learning that it is the manifestation of a black man. What was described to you is PENSOLE Design Academy founded by D’Wayne Edwards who is a former Nike executive with over 30 years of designing shoes.

Five Young Women from HBCUs are Top Contestants in Footaction’s No 1 Way Design Program

Black people and black culture shape popular culture and fashion. Yet and still, leadership within the fashion industry does not often reflect the people from the communities in which they draw their inspiration from. That is why Footaction created the No 1 Way Design Academy in partnership with two Portland, Oregon based black-owned design academies PENSOLE and FAAS Studio to build a pipeline to get designers from historically black colleges and universities into the industry.