Bring The Cheer To Holiday Gatherings With Delicious Food Faves From Booze Dogs

Bring The Cheer To Holiday Gatherings With Delicious Food Faves From Booze Dogs


The holidays are around the corner, and there’s a good chance you’re going to attend some type of party between now and the new calendar year. Sure, attending these gatherings is always a highlight of the season, but the lead-up to them can be a bit intimidating and overwhelming if you’re one of the people tasked with bringing something to eat.

It’s even worse if you’re the person hosting, as supplying the food is just another stressor on an already-full list. If you’re looking for something different to either bring to one of these gatherings or supply at your gathering, look no further than Booze Dogs.

For a limited time, you can purchase Booze Dogs Bluetick Bourbon Bratwurst & Hot Dog Combo (four pounds) for just $50.39 with the code CYBER20. You can feel good about your purchase, as well, as 3% of profits from each online purchase are donated to the Best Friends Animal Society.

You can expect to have 26 total servings with this bundle, which include two pounds of hot dogs and two pounds of bratwurst. Simply put, Booze Dogs offers a fun twist on traditional bratwursts and hot dogs. Both types of meat are made from premium pork shoulder, and they’re blended with high-quality spices and marinated with… real bourbon.

Each package arrives frozen, but all you’ll need to do to enjoy it is thaw and reheat. In addition to the smooth taste of bourbon, both types of meat are slow-smoked with natural hickory hardwood chips to further enhance the flavor. Servings sizes are 3.2 ounces, and the bratwurst and hotdogs are naturally encased and coarse-ground.

Instead of the traditional holiday gathering foods, change it up with this twist on bratwurst and hot dogs from Booze Dogs for just $50.39 with code CYBER20. It’s sure to be a talking point and a hit and your gatherings.

Prices subject to change.