Brooklyn Woman's Late Husband Divorced Her, Cut Her Out of Pension

Brooklyn Woman’s Late Husband Divorced Her, Cut Her Out of Pension

An elderly Brooklyn woman will receive a life-insurance payment and pension funds she is due from her deceased husband who obtained a fradulent divorce to keep the money away from her.

According to a report in the New York Post, Vivian Pitt Dowers, 75, was married to David Dowers, for over 30 years when he died in Feburary 2011. Little did she know that Dowers fashioned divorce papers that said she’d abandoned him. The Post’s report said that Dowers said in court documents that his wife moved to another section of Brooklyn over their financial problems.

“What you talking about? Me no sign no divorce papers!” she said when she learned of the divorce, according to the New York Post.

The report cited a source which speculated David Dowers had a mistress. If he was single at the time of his death, his children from a previous relationship were in line to receive his estate.

“Once he sold a piece of land behind my back … I never knew he was going to be like that,” she said of the divorce.

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