Brown Skin Brunchin’ Suggests 5 Ways to Celebrate Juneteenth

Brown Skin Brunchin’ Suggests 5 Ways to Celebrate Juneteenth

Small businesses are coming together to collaborate in honor of Juneteenth. Recognized each year on June 19, this holiday commemorates the end of slavery in the United States.

Founded in 2018 by Lillian Jackson and Melissa Mason, Brown Skin Brunchin’ is using their platform of over 25,000 members to highlight black businesses with Juneteenth themed brunches across the United States.

Jackson and Mason wanted to bring together small businesses to recognize the contributions that Black-owned businesses have made by ensuring that our spending dollars reach them directly during Juneteenth weekend, according to a press release.

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The campaign to collaborate was spearheaded by Brown Skin Brunchin’s Long Island Ambassador, Michelle Mitchell. Having grown up in Long Island, Mitchell has had a long history of involvement in local black civil organizations, a key motivation in this initiative and in her role with Brown Skin Brunchin’.

Brown Skin Brunchin’s team has shared five ways they recommend you celebrate Juneteenth in 2022:

– Eat at Black-owned restaurants.

– Buy from Black-owned businesses.

– Read books by Black authors about Black experiences.

– Donate to organizations that support Black communities.

– Find a local Juneteenth celebration and attend.

Small businesses collaborating for the Juneteenth celebration include:


Trendzio is a global online retailer offering the latest fashion jewelry products on the market. With a focus on quality, not quantity, they take pride in designing unique pieces that speak to you, at affordable prices.

The Kemetic Tarot

The Kemetic Tarot carries this rich cultural tradition forward by combining classical tarot archetypes with the great Neteru deities to deliver a modern interpretation of the powerful ancient magic of Kemet.

Kemetic helps you explore the history, culture, faith and magic of Ancient Kemet and the Kemetic Tarot.

Olivia Garden

Olivia Garden was created in 1967 by Jean and Micheline Rennette in Liège, Belgium. It was founded on the principles of providing hairdressers with high quality, innovative, beautiful & cutting-edge salon tools.

KYVAN Body Essentials

KYVAN Body Essentials is a certified minority-owned company with a destination for unique, wholesome skin and hair care products. They carefully select the finest ingredients and it’s their top priority to excel in “Making Beauty Essential!”

Ms. Heel Magazine Magazine

Founded by former runway model and 2020 Emmy Winner Velicia Hill, Ms. Heel Magazine was born from her natural love of high-heel shoes.

Sugar Boss Creations

Based in Long Island, N.Y., Sugar Boss Creations specializes in cakes, cupcakes, chocolate covered sweets, edible images and more!

Brown Skin Brunchin’, the social group that brings together women of color over brunch, will host brunches the weekend of Juneteenth in 15 cities across the U.S. We hope you’ll participate by joining us at a brunch near you!

June 18, 2022

Baltimore, Md.: Avenue Kitchen and Bar*
Memphis, Tenn.: Owen Brennans
Orlando, Fla.: House of Blues*
Newtown, Mass.: Miss Thelma’s Soul Food*
Atlantic City, N.J.: Aunt Berta’s Kitchen*
Tidewater/Newport News, Va.: Nest Kitchen and Taphouse
Long Island, N.Y.: Oulala Cafe and Lounge*
Long Beach, Calif.: The Great Maple
New Orleans, La.: Mix it Up Art Studio*
Phoenix, Ariz.: Tap That

June 19, 2022

Richmond, Va.: Lillie Pearl*
Savannah, Ga.: Another Broken Egg*
Raleigh, N.C.: Wye Hill
Stamford, Conn.: La Perle Restaurant and Bar *
Miami, Fla.: Red Rooster*

*Denotes minority owned

We will be celebrating all month long in other locations as well.

Brown Skin Brunchin’ encourages everyone to celebrate and reflect on the importance of this day in American History. Join Brown Skin Brunchin’ via their app to connect and brunch monthly in over 70 cities across the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean at the following link