Women In Business: Building A Model Business

Building a Model Business

A Warrior’s Heart
Warrior says she stays grounded by engaging in philanthropic projects. In 2007, she founded Heart of a Warrior Charitable Foundation to provide educational programs for disadvantaged children in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. In October 2009, the foundation raised $20,000 for Girls Inc. of Metropolitan Dallas.

What’s next for Warrior Group? The outlook for the construction industry is positive. The construction market is predicted to experience an 11% jump in 2010 to $466.2 billion according to McGraw-Hill’s 2010 Construction Outlook. This is good news in light of the 25% decline that was forecast for 2009. Advances in housing and public works are expected to lead the way.

Warrior says she hopes to work on building modular structures all across the country, but for now, she’s comfortable with the success she’s experienced. “When I first started the company, I was set on taking it public, but not anymore,” Warrior says. “I’m satisfied with where it is now.