[By The Numbers] Where the GOP Candidates Stand Going Into Their Sixth Debate
Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

Welcome to By The Numbers, where BE Politics will be bringing you regular updates on the 2016 Presidential Election Primaries, from a numerical perspective.

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With the sixth GOP debate airing tonight at 9 PM EST on Fox Business News, here is a look at how the GOP candidates are currently polling:

Donald Trump — 35.0%

Ted Cruz — 19.0%

Marco Rubio — 11.3%

Ben Carson — 8.0%

Jeb Bush — 4.7%

Chris Christie — 3.0%

Carly Fiorina — 2.7%

Mike Huckabee — 2.0%

John Kasich — 2.0%

Rand Paul — 2.0%

Rick Santorum — 0.0%

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