Candace Owens Is Big Mad that Trump Pushed Back on Her Anti-COVID-19 Vaccine Rhetoric
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Candace Owens Is Big Mad that Trump Pushed Back on Her Anti-COVID-19 Vaccine Rhetoric

Candace Owens
Candace Owens (Image: Facebook)

Conservative firebrand Candace Owens is going on record that former President Donald Trump may be “old” because he refused to side with her and made her look delusional on her own platform regarding the effectiveness of the coronavirus vaccine.

Last week, after appearing on Owens’ talk show on The Daily Wire, Trump was quick to defend the jab saying it was “one of the greatest achievements of mankind.” Owens attempted to question the vaccine’s effectiveness when Trump rejected this notion, NY Post reports.

After that appearance, according to Business Insider, Owens suggested to her followers that Trump is advocating for the COVID-19 vaccine because he is “old.” Owens, who is anti-vaccination, has been one of Trump’s biggest cheerleaders since he ran and won the office of president of the United States. She responded to critics who slammed her because Trump took a different stance than anticipated.

“People oftentimes forget, like, how old Trump is,” she stated in an Instagram video that she posted late last week. “Like they came from a time before TV, before internet, before being able to conduct their independent research.”

Note: Donald Trump was born in 1946, and TV WAS invented by then.

“Everything that [Trump’s generation] read in a newspaper that was pitched to them that they believe that that was a reality,” she said. “And one of those things was, you know, this push for vaccines and believing that people were going to die without vaccines. And so, I believe that his support of the vaccine is genuine and it’s not based on any corruption at all.”

Not only did Owens disagree with Trump’s declaration, but another avid Trump supporter has come out against him based on what he said in that very same interview with Owens.

The Independent reported that Alex Jones gave Trump a warning during his InfoWars show on Dec. 25.

“This is an emergency Christmas Day warning to President Trump. You are either completely ignorant about the so-called ‘vaccine’ gene therapy that you helped ram through with Operation Warp Speed, or you are one of the most evil men who has ever lived,” Jones said.