All Black Caramel Curves Motorcycle Club Is New Face Of Savage X Fenty Lingerie Campaign

All Black Caramel Curves Motorcycle Club Is New Face Of Savage X Fenty Lingerie Campaign

Rihanna is known for integrating diversity into her popular Fenty brand. This time, she is doing it through her new campaign featuring a motorcycle club.

According to Vogue, the singer and beauty mogul has cast the all-Black Caramel Curves club for her Savage X Fenty lingerie line.

Caramel Curves, a motorcycle club based in New Orleans, has 10 members that meet up on Sundays. Part of their flair is that they dress in a way that nobody can miss with rhinestones, strappy heels, and helmets with mohawks. Of course, they use lots of bright colors as well. 

Their style caught the eye of Rihanna and now, they are the models of the newest Savage X Fenty campaigns. 

“The Caramel Curves show the world what being a badass boss is all about, while bringing sexiness along for the ride,” Rihanna said in a press release.

Caramel Curves, motorcycle, Savage X Fenty, campaign
Caramel Curves Motorcycle Club (Image: Courtesy of Savage X Fenty)

In the campaign, the motorcycle club is photographed at different locations around New Orleans. They are dressed in body-hugging lingerie, fishnets, embroidered bras, and even opera gloves. Of course, they are posed with noticeable accessories–namely, their motorcycles.

Women aren’t usually associated with motorcycling so the Caramel Curves were already attention-grabbers. Their unique style really catapulted their visibility. Nakosha Smith, one of the founders, purposely chose clothing with more panache as the club’s trademark.

“I didn’t want to go shop for basic clothes because I didn’t dress like that. I always wore sparkly, blingy stuff all the time,” Smith said. “So that pretty much started the trend for the Caramel Curves that ‘This is our look.”

The club believes that their creative merger with the Fenty brand was the perfect match. Along with being fans of the brand, their undeniable brio meshes well with the reputation for swagger for which the brand has become known. 

 “When this comes out, I feel like a lot of people are going to be like, ‘I am not surprised that Rihanna picked the Caramel Curves because those girls stay fly,’” Smith said. 

The items can be shopped on the Fenty website.