Caught in 4K: Newly Divorced Currys Debut New Boos at the NBA Finals

Steph Curry was undoubtedly the star of Game 4 of the NBA Finals on Friday, however his dad Dell Curry stole his thunder after being photographed courtside with a new girlfriend amid his reportedly nasty divorce.

Twitter exploded with all the jokes at the close of the Warriors win, reeling over the fact that Dell’s preferences lie within the white variety. The 57-year-old former player was there simply supporting his son with his new boo, but when the camera landed on the pair, Dell began to trend on social media.

“Damn Dell Curry hugged up with Marjorie Taylor Greene,” joked one user. 

“The bar I’m at was LOUD when they saw Dell Curry’s new girl,” raved another.

“Is that Dell Curry wit a white woman I see ??!!” one asked.

“Dell Curry it ain’t nothing wrong with going back home bro I promise you don’t gotta do this,” said a fourth user.

However, the next part gets a bit messy. 

Social media sleuths identified the woman as Nicki Smith, the ex-wife of former NFL player Steven Johnson of New England Patriots. The same Johnson Dell accused Steph’s mom Sonya of cheating with. 

And guess who was also in attendance with her new man? 

That’s right, Sonya was there with Johnson, seemingly in a petty spouse swap.

One Twitter user posted a side-by-side of the two couples, posing the question, “Why Dell Curry’s new boo and Sonia’s new man look like they used to be married to each other?”

Someone replied with a family portrait, “Cause they were!”

It seems as though the former spouses have gone public with their unorthodox pairing, adding fuel to the fire that social media set.

“This White couple won the trade as the curry’s are well, are the currys. The Curry’s lost the trade because the white partners are a downgrade, with all due respect,” said a comment.

Another posted a clip of an old Family Feud episode that also had some interesting arrangements.

“The Curry’s,” it read. 

Whatever the case with the Currys, they’re adults who make their own decisions.

As long as they’re happy.