Charlamagne Tha God Checks NYC Mayor Eric Adams For Partying During The Migrant Crisis

Charlamagne Tha God Checks NYC Mayor Eric Adams For Partying During The Migrant Crisis

Charlamagne Tha God is calling out New York City Mayor Eric Adams for having time to party while swarms of migrants flood the busy and cold streets of the Big Apple.

The radio personality was serving as guest host on “The Daily Show” on Wednesday, Nov. 1 when he took aim at Eric Adams amid the mounting migrant crisis plaguing NYC. Floods of migrants continue to arrive in New York from the US-Mexico border and Charlamagne thinks Adams is taking a progressive approach “in theory” to combat the issue.

“Every week, thousands are arriving in the city, and now, Mayor Eric Adams is taking a break from the club to figure out what to do with them,” Charlamagne quipped.

A news brief highlighted Adams’ attempt to ask the public for “ideas” on how to handle the growing migrant crisis as floods of undocumented immigrants fill the streets, hotels, and shelters of NYC. But Charlamagne is blasting Mayor Adams for asking for suggestions for a job he was elected to do.

“If you have good ideas for us on how to manage the situation, I am begging for your ideas,” Adams says in the clip.

But Charlamagne wasn’t having it

“No, no. Our ideas? That’s not how this works! Our idea was to elect you to handle this! Imagine a doctor asking, hmm, ‘What do you think your kidneys need?’” he joked.

Officials have been offering one-way plane tickets to migrants as they say NYC doesn’t have enough space for the growing number of migrants flocking to the city, Fox News reports. It’s a far cry from Adams’ previous criticism of Texas for how the state handled their migrant crisis.

“What bugs me is, Eric Adams was very progressive on immigration when it wasn’t a problem in New York. When it was only Texas dealing with it, he was like, ‘we need to open our hearts to the migrants.’ Now that they are coming to New York, he’s like, ‘Build the wall,’” Charlamagne said.

“What it all comes down to is, a lot of people are progressive in theory until they get tested. Half the people who want to abolish the police, the moment they get robbed, they are calling 911, like, ‘Send me your most racist cop.'”

In September, Adams blamed Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for bussing migrants out of Texas into New York City saying the migrant crisis would “destroy” the city. In July, posters were placed around the city discouraging migrants from seeking asylum in the city claiming “there is no guarantee we will be able to provide shelter and services to new arrivals” and “Housing in NYC is very expensive.”

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