Chris Brown’s Latest X-rated Dance Break Has Fans Labeling It Too ‘Aggressive’ on Social Media
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Chris Brown’s Latest X-rated Dance Break Has Fans Labeling It Too ‘Aggressive’ on Social Media

(Image: Instagram/Riki Kelly)

Chris Brown has made dancing on one lucky fan a part of his routine at live shows. But his latest X-rated dance break is being called “aggressive” for how he grabbed one woman’s throat.

The “Forever” singer was performing in Manchester, England, on March 13 when Love Island star Natalia Zoppa was pulled on stage to receive a lap dance from the R&B star.

Brown was performing his hit “Take You Down,” the live performance of which typically involves him grinding and winding all over a lucky fan. At one point the singer places one hand around Zoppa’s throat.

The reality star didn’t seem to mind as she smiled throughout the dance routine. She even reposted the video clip to her social media, as noted by The Independent.

But after the Daily Mail reported about the routine and accused Brown of holding Zoppa’s throat, many sounded off.

“Aggressive as usual,” one user wrote.

“I guess she gave consent beforehand?” another speculated.

“She looks really really distressed,” one person claimed.

But there were many who defended Brown, noting how often he uses the move on stage with fans who show no discomfort with his performance.

“Oh ssssh, she would of completely known what she was getting herself into, he does this at all his shows,” one fan wrote. “Daily mail trying to make a problem that isn’t there yet again.”

“This is literally part of his show he has done it nearly every time he has performed 😂 media is an absolute joke- I’m sure she weren’t complaining 😂,” added someone else.

“It’s music, she’s not complaining and leave him alone,” one fan observed.

Most recently, Chris Brown faced criticism after throwing a fan’s phone into the audience during the same dance number after she failed to stop recording and just enjoy the moment.