Chrissy Teigen Hoping to Land Interview With Oprah Winfrey to Salvage Her Reputation
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Chrissy Teigen Hopes to Land Interview With Oprah Winfrey to Salvage Her Reputation

Chrissy Teigen
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Chrissy Teigen is reportedly doing behind-the-scenes damage control to repair her public image and looking for help from the media maven Oprah Winfrey.

The Lip Sync Battle host has been facing backlash for her past social media behavior that included wishing death on a then 16-year-old Courtney Stodden, as well as, allegedly cyberbullying Lindsay Lohan and fashion designer Michel Costello, Fox News reports.

But after seeing how well Winfrey’s interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was received, Teigen is hoping the media mogul can help her regain support from the public.

Sources say Teigen is “being advised to go into hiding and lay low” but she is “in talks with Oprah to do a Meghan Markle sit-down type interview and tell her truth,” an insider claimed on the “Naughty But Nice” podcast.

While a number of outlets are hoping to secure interviews with Teigen, she reportedly has her eyes set on sitting down with Winfrey instead.

“Every news outlet in the world has contacted Chrissy about getting her first on-camera interview, but Oprah is her first choice.” The insider added. “If Oprah can forgive Chrissy, then so can the nation.”

Teigen recently issued out a lengthy apology via Medium where she opened up about the “VERY humbling few weeks” she’s had since the scandal hit the press. She admitted to being a “troll” while apologizing for her past actions.

“Not a day, not a single moment has passed where I haven’t felt the crushing weight of regret for the things I’ve said in the past,” she said in the statement.

I was insecure, immature and in a world where I thought I needed to impress strangers to be accepted,” she added. 

As a result of the allegations, Teigen’s houseware lines were removed from major retailers like Macy’s, Bloomingdales, and Target, Outsider reports.